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                                                          Service Charges

Land Lord Safety certificate (up to two appliances)                                         £60.00

Boiler Service            (including service parts only)                                (from) £70.00

Cooker Service (no parts)                                                                      (from) £50.00

Cooker Installation (new)                                                                       (from) £70.00

Boiler Installation (including boiler and accessories)                            (from) £1000.00

Washing Machine and Dishwasher installation                                        (from) £50.00

Power Flush                                                                                          (from) £220.00

Service Charges (Minimum)                                                                              £50.00

Service Charges (Per Hour Rate)                                                                     £50.00

Service Charges (Half Hour Rate after one Hour)                                             £25.00

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We won’t charge, If we can not fix

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